Be the master of your own schedule. Use your skills to their fullest. Take control of your financial future.

Whether you’re planning to consult, coach, or freelance, you’re likely asking…

  • How can I turn my strengths into services that sell?
  • Who’re my ideal customers? And where do I find them?
  • What should I charge? And how can I make sure I generate the income I need?
  • What’s the best way to sell my services well (especially because the thought of selling makes me a little queasy)?
  • How can I get repeat business and referrals?
  • What steps do I need to take to launch my business?

The Launch course will answer those questions and more.


Sell your consulting services well… and with ease.


Make the right decisions and get the right pieces in place.


Turn clients into fans – reap referrals and repeat business.

Here’s what alumni say about this 5-star training:

Hundreds have enrolled in this course nationwide, and they give it an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars!

This workshop should be mandatory for anyone who plans to “Go Solo.”

Susan and Don’s workshops were invaluable to my launching and growing my consulting and coaching practice. From business tips and marketing solutions to building my confidence that “I can do this,” their trainings should be mandatory for anyone who plans to “go solo.”   June Kress, June Kress Consulting, LLC

June Kress

My practice has grown steadily because of the confidence I gained.

Photo - Lisa Baranello

I was in my third year of consulting when I took  Susan and Don’s workshop. I appreciated the advice and insights on how to grow my business over the long-term – and how to price my offerings to fit the market. They provided manageable ways to stay competitive and I put those pointers into practice immediately, seeing results in a very short amount of time. I attended with two close colleagues, and we all benefited from the workshop.

My practice has grown steadily, and I credit a lot of that to the confidence I gained from the workshop. Lisa Baranello, FundSource, LLC

Lisa Baranello

In addition to the training, I gained colleagues.

After a long career as a non-profit CEO, I wanted to use that experience in service to other non-profit leaders. The training was pivotal for me. I came away with a clear idea of how I wanted to define my consulting practice in a way that would draw on my strengths. I particularly appreciated the tools, case studies, and examples that Susan and Don shared from their own experience. I refer to those materials often and still use much of the “elevator pitch” language that I tested out during the training. In addition to benefiting from the training, I gained two important colleagues in Susan and Don, who have continued to be a resource as I have built my practice. Rosann Wisman, WismanGroup

Rosann Wisman

It works no matter what type of consulting, coaching or freelancing you plan to do.

Learn on your schedule.

8 topic modules walk you through step-by-step.

Each module is a powerful building block in your business foundation.

It's not just training, it's a transformational experience.

Everything you need to learn to get started.

Learn on any device, anywhere, any time.

14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

The course focuses on building a business around your expertise, from sorting out who you want to serve to project management and client relations skills.

Here's what's inside the course:

8 critical topics paced out over four weeks, two topics per week

27 wisdom-packed video lessons

A downloadable, 83-page Power Planner.

Transforming exercises

Meet your Power Planner

The course includes a Power Planner for you to capture your insights and decisions from each lesson, plus it includes all these great worksheets, checklists, and templates:

Worksheets that will help you make important business-building decisions:

  • Motivations Worksheet
  • Strengths Portfolio Worksheet
  • Ideal Client Worksheet
  • Elevator Pitch Worksheet
  • Hourly Rates Worksheet
  • Value Proposition Worksheet

Planning outlines and checklists to help you get your business started:

  • Startup Checklist
  • Business Launch Plan
  • Business Plan Worksheet
  • Promotion Plan Worksheet

Templates you can put to work in your new business:

  • Project Proposal Outline
  • Sample Consulting Contract
  • Project Intake Questions Worksheet
  • Get Great Testimonials Worksheet
  • Project Exit Interview Questions

Why spend months, maybe years, wandering through the maze of trial and error?

Why not learn the secrets and shortcuts from veteran consultants and spend that time making a difference – and money? The school of hard knocks has the most expensive tuition in the world.

This course doesn’t cost, it pays.

It gives you the shortest path between where you are now and a steady stream of paying customers. Your first contract should more than pay for the course. Plus, there's a 5-month payment plan.

Choose your learning adventure: one-on-one coaching, group coaching or no coaching.

  • Want to fly solo through the course? Choose Economy. It’s just the course; no coaching.
  • Want a ground crew to support you? Upgrade to Business Class with access to four weekly group coaching calls with one of the course instructors.
  • Want a flight instructor at your side throughout the course? Fly through the course in First Class. It includes four private, one-on-one coaching calls, on your schedule, with one of the course instructors.

Register today and get started learning today!

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Just the Course - No Coaching

27 Information-Packed Lessons

83-page Power Planner

14-Day Money Back Guarantee



The Course + Group Coaching

27 Information-Packed Lessons

83-page Power Planner

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

5-Month Payment Plan Available



The Course + One-on-One Coaching

27 Information-Packed Lessons

83-page Power Planner

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

4 Private, One-on-One Video Coaching Calls

5-Month Payment Plan Available

Who should register for this course:

Leaders and technical or content experts who…

  • Have least 3 to 5 years of solid experience in their field. (In other words, experience that'll be the basis for their services.)
  • Are serious about launching a consulting business or ensuring that their existing businesses are on a solid footing.
  • Are willing to invest at least 4-6 hours a week over four weeks in the study, introspection, planning, and action required to launch a new career and a business.

Who shouldn't register:

  • Anyone who is looking to prepare themselves to go to work for one of the big corporate consulting firms. This is about the business and craft of being an expert advisor, and getting the decisions made and all the pieces in place to launch a business.
  • Anyone who is not willing to invest the time to prepare themselves for a new career and to launch a new business. It’s a life-changing four-week experience, but this course takes work.
  • Anyone who is looking for the latest get-rich-quick, four-hour workweek scheme or tips on how to build a million-dollar consulting practice in your pajamas. This is a course for folks who are serious about putting their know-how to work.

Here's what students say about
the Launch course...

"One of the most useful workshops I've ever taken. Really!"
"I truly appreciated the step-by-step guidance."
"An excellent confidence builder."
“This was so empowering!"
"Provides everything you need to know to begin your journey."
"Susan and Don are indeed experts. Loved it!"

Meet the guides for your learning journey

You'll learn from veteran consultants who have “been there, done that” with over 40 years of experience launching and leading consulting businesses. They've paid the tuition at the school of hard knocks so you don't have to. They created this course to provide the kind of training, information, and transformation that they wish they had access to when they were starting out.

They’re not "Internet entrepreneurs" selling an "information product." They’re real consultants with active practices – consultants who have experienced the joys, frustrations, and rewards of working with real clients in the real world.

They understand that there are many reasons for starting a consulting, coaching, or freelancing business, but the best one of all is yours. They created this course to help you let your business dreams take flight.

Picture of Susan SchaeferSusan Schaefer
Since 2001, Susan has enjoyed a thriving solo consulting practice that helps nonprofit organizations scale their programs with the help of private philanthropy. Before founding her practice Resource Partners LLC, Susan worked in resource development for multiple higher education organizations. During that time, she helped secure the historic $1.6 billion grant that created the Gates Millennial Scholars Program.

A published author, in addition to numerous articles, Susan is the co-editor of The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook, which chronicles the work of 25 leading consultants. She is also the co-author of Nonprofit Board Service for the GENIUS, a primer for board members.

In addition to maintaining a vibrant consulting practice, she also teaches a graduate course at Johns Hopkins University.

Picture of Don TebbeDon Tebbe
Since launching his consulting practice in 1993, Don has been helping leaders and organizations navigate organizational change and leadership succession. His consulting journey has involved three different consulting practices, including a multi-associate firm that he and his business partner grew into a seven-figure national practice. Along the way he has trained and coached dozens of associates, led train-the-trainer events for consulting groups, created a program to help corporate executives bring their business acumen and process expertise to nonprofits, and worked as a soloist and team leader across over 200 consulting projects.

He is the author of several books and has been the architect for a number of organizational capacity-building frameworks on sustainability, leadership succession, executive transition, and planning/change management.

Susan and Don joined forces in 2015 to help inspire other professionals discover the soul-satisfying sense of contribution, flexible schedules, and financial success possible with starting and leading your own consulting business.