Next class starts Jan. 18, 2019.

Let’s get that consulting business dream of yours off the ground and keep it flying high!


know howThis course is for you – the business, government, or nonprofit leader, technical expert, or content wizard. You’ve recently launched your business or you’re ready to get started.
Going Solo, Going Big: Launching Your Consulting Practice is an online content-packed experience that can take you from business concept to client-ready in four short weeks.


empoweredThis isn’t some academic, from-the-textbook program. It’s a four-week experience that will give you the shortest, sure-fire path to getting your practice off the ground without cutting corners or glossing over critical “wished I’d known that” information.

You’ll learn the nitty-gritty of what it takes to be successful based on real-life experience and examples. Critical information and insights that many consultants wish they knew when they were getting started. The kind of insights that could have saved them countless hours of trial and error and put thousands of dollars in their pockets.


Hundreds have enrolled in this course nationwide, and they give it an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars!

This workshop should be mandatory for anyone who plans to “Go Solo.”

Susan and Don’s workshops were invaluable to my launching and growing my consulting and coaching practice. From business tips and marketing solutions to building my confidence that “I can do this,” their trainings should be mandatory for anyone who plans to “go solo.”   June Kress, June Kress Consulting, LLC

My practice has grown steadily because of the confidence I gained.

Photo - Lisa Baranello

I was in my third year of consulting when I took  Susan and Don’s workshop. I appreciated the advice and insights on how to grow my business over the long-term – and how to price my offerings to fit the market. They provided manageable ways to stay competitive and I put those pointers to practice immediately, seeing results in a very short amount of time. I attended with two close colleagues and we all benefited from the workshop.

My practice has grown steadily and I credit a lot of that to the confidence I gained from the workshop. Lisa Baranello, FundSource, LLC

Lisa Baranello

In addition to the training, I gained colleagues.

After a long career as a non-profit CEO, I wanted to use that experience in service to other non-profit leaders. The training was pivotal for me. I came away with a clear idea of how I wanted to define my consulting practice in a way that would draw on my strengths. I particularly appreciated the tools and case studies, and examples that Susan and Don shared from their own experience. I refer to those materials often and still use much of the “elevator pitch” language that I tested out during the training. In addition to benefiting from the training, I gained two important colleagues in Susan and Don, who have continued to be a resource as I have built my practice. Rosann Wisman, WismanGroup

Rosann Wisman


confidentOne of the biggest benefits the course provides is confidence – the confidence that comes with knowing that you have a solid plan to launch your business and you’ve thoroughly prepared yourself for the inevitable challenges ahead.



directionAs a new business owner, you have so many decisions to make. The course will guide you to identify your ideal customer, service offerings, and fees. You’ll also plan how best to market your business, sell your services well, build contracts, and secure repeat business with your clients.



questionsGet answers to your juiciest questions. If you want to know the honest truth about the mistakes most consultants make, this course provides candid insights from two who have watched hundreds of others enter, leave, and thrive in this field.



supportBring your burning questions to weekly group coaching calls – live calls that answer questions specific to your business and amplify that week’s course content.

Plus, there’s a private, online support community just for course participants and alumni to support and learn from each other.

Inside the community, you can pose questions, share ideas and insights, and get feedback from members of the course community, including our alumni.


experienceThis isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill course.
It’s a roll-up-your-sleeves, let’s-get busy-and-create-something experience.

You’ll cruise step-by-step through eight critical topics and 27 individual lessons. With your Power Planner in hand, you'll start building a picture of success for your consulting business, one that injects your preferences into a framework of proven practices.


learn from expertsYour course will be led by veteran consultants with over 40 years of business experience and deep experience training hundreds of professionals on the business and craft of consulting.

They've trained, supervised, and collaborated with dozens of associates and co-consultants in their businesses. And they’ve trained and mentored hundreds of successful consultants through workshops and their leadership in their professional networks.


createThe course includes a Power Planner that will guide you through building a customized business plan for your consulting practice. After each lesson, you'll answer a few business planning questions or exercises and at the end of the course, you'll have a customized plan of action.



power plannerYour Power Planner includes templates for critical tools you need to get your business started, such as a proposal outline, a sample consulting contract, project intake and exit interview questions, and checklists that cover the brass tacks of getting started, including a complete startup checklist.



guaranteeOur 14-Day unconditional guarantee: Complete up to the first two weeks of the course and if you are not completely satisfied with the lessons, Q&A, exercises, coaching calls, and the Power Planner, just email us for a complete refund. No questions asked.



fast trackJust $697 ($497 if you register by Dec. 28) gets you all of this:

  • 27 information-packed lessons that cover the A-Z of getting your consulting business off to a solid start.
  • 4 weekly group coaching calls.
  • 83-page Power Planner, with checklists, worksheets and templates.
  • Instruction and coaching by experts with over four decades of consulting business experience and who’ve trained hundreds of consultants.
  • Guidance through the most critical decisions you'll make about your business: your service offerings, your market, your ideal customer, your elevator pitch, your value proposition, your fees and how you’ll bill clients, and more.

The time you save getting started will more than pay for the course.

Invest in yourself! Invest in your future! Let’s get started!


Next class starts Jan. 18, 2019.

You just found the “launch button” for your consulting business. Hit it and ROAR off the launch pad!


Here's what the course covers and how the four weeks are organized:

The course includes 27 information-packed lessons organized around eight critical business-building topics that walk you through the A to Z of preparing to launch your consulting practice efficiently and confidently.


  • Getting Started sets the stage. We’ll go over the structure of the course and explore what's involved in consulting as a career and as a business.
  • Creating Your Business Foundation digs into what you’re bringing to your consulting work – your motivations as well as your portfolio of skills, abilities, and relationships that you’ll draw on to develop your services and build your practice.


  • Marketing Your Practice covers the range of marketing activities, from defining your ideal customer, creating your marketing messages, and tapping the power of your network to get your practice off the ground, to strategies to build visibility for your business.
  • Packaging & Pricing Your Services answers the burning question, “What should I charge?” as well as how to create great proposals and solid contracts.


  • Selling Your Services Well covers the tools and techniques of selling consulting services, even if you have a phobia about sales.
  • Delivering Outstanding Services is all about what it takes to manage consulting projects and build client relationships that result in repeat business and enthusiastic fans for your practice.


  • Building Your Business Support Platform covers what you need to do to get your practice started, from naming your business and getting it registered to setting up your office and finances and selecting your teams.
  • Putting It All Together explores what's next – how to launch and sustain your business and boost it to the next level.

Together, these topics will give you a plan to launch your business and provide the resources and confidence that will put you ahead of most other consultants at your stage in the game. We’ll guide you through the shortest path from business concept to customers, without cutting any corners. 


Who SHOULD enroll this course:

Leaders and technical or content experts who…

  • Have least 3 to 5 years of solid experience in your field. (In other words, experience that'll be the basis for your services.)
  • Are serious about launching a consulting business or ensuring that their fledgling businesses are on a solid footing.
  • Are willing to invest at least 4-6 hours a week over four weeks in the study, introspection, planning, and action required to launch a new career and a business.

Who SHOULDN’T enroll:

  • Anyone who is looking to prepare themselves to go to work for one of the big corporate consulting firms. This is about the business and craft of consulting, and getting the decisions made and all the pieces in place to launch an independent consulting business.
  • Anyone who is not willing to invest the time to prepare themselves for a new career and to launch a new business. It’s a life-changing four-week experience, but this course takes work.
  • Anyone who is looking for the latest get-rich-quick, four-hour workweek scheme or tips on how to build a million-dollar consulting practice in your pajamas. This is a course for folks who are serious about putting their know-how to work in the business, nonprofit, and public service sectors.


What will this course teach that I can't learn on my own?

This course offers you the shortest path between where you are now and a steady stream of paying customers. The content-rich online format, combined with opportunities to ask questions, will allow you to focus on the areas most relevant to your specific needs.

There’s a ton of information on the Internet – some of it’s great, and a lot of it’s sketchy, but it’s all random. This course was curated by experts with real-world business experience who know the right questions to ask.

The course guides you through a step-by-step learning experience – a learning experience that you won’t get from a random collection of YouTube videos.

And, the problem with learning on your own is, well, you’re on your own. Gathering the necessary information is only half the battle. The critical half is implementation. The course is designed to help you implement what you’re learning. And the support is there to empower you to take action.

How can I afford to take this course?

When you secure, expand, or renew just one contract based on what you learn, you’ll more than have paid for the course. Plus, there’s a payment plan option where you can pay the registration fee over five monthly payments.

How can I afford not to take this course?

Why spend the coming months, maybe years, wandering around in the minefield of trial and error, when you can learn trade secrets from veteran consultants and spend that time making a difference – and money – with your consulting services?


Next class starts Jan. 18, 2019.

Take it from our course participants:
"One of the most useful workshops I've ever taken. Really!"
"Susan and Don are indeed experts. Loved it!"
"I truly appreciated the step-by-step guidance."
"An excellent confidence builder."


Picture of Susan SchaeferSusan Schaefer

Since 2001, Susan has enjoyed a thriving solo consulting practice that helps nonprofit organizations scale their programs with the help of private philanthropy. Before founding her practice Resource Partners LLC, Susan worked in resource development for multiple higher education organizations. During that time, she helped secure the historic $1.6 billion grant that created the Gates Millennial Scholars Program.

A published author, in addition to numerous articles, Susan is the co-editor of The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook, which chronicles the work of 25 leading consultants. She is also the co-author of Nonprofit Board Service for the GENIUS, a primer for board members.

In addition to maintaining a vibrant consulting practice, she also teaches a graduate course at Johns Hopkins University.

Picture of Don TebbeDon Tebbe

Since launching his consulting practice in 1993, Don has been helping leaders and organizations navigate organizational change and leadership succession. His consulting journey has involved three different consulting practices, including a multi-associate firm that he and his business partner grew into a seven-figure national practice. Along the way he has trained and coached dozens of associates, led train-the-trainer events for consulting groups, created a program to help corporate executives bring their business acumen and process expertise to nonprofits, and worked as a soloist and team leader across over 200 consulting projects.

He is the author of several books and has been the architect for a number of organizational capacity-building frameworks on sustainability, leadership succession, executive transition, and planning/change management.

Susan and Don joined forces in 2015 to help inspire other professionals discover the soul-satisfying sense of contribution, flexible schedules, and financial success possible with starting and leading your own consulting business.


Next class starts Jan. 18, 2019.

Here's what few more participants said:
“I had no idea where to start and easily got overwhelmed and discouraged. This was so empowering!"
"Provides everything you need to know to begin your journey."
"I now feel empowered, informed and excited to launch into the world of consulting!”