Give your consulting wow a jolt of Ka-POW!

If you are an intermediate or advanced level consultant, it’s not easy to juggle client demands and your own business’s growth.

Your clients expect—and deserve—excellent service at every turn.

Meanwhile, every day, you are making tough decisions that are determining the direction of your business. You may not even realize the impact that some of your choices have on your future.

What’s a solo entrepreneur to do?

To sustain—and grow—your business, continuous learning is a must.

Coming Soon: Power Hour mini-courses.

No professional can afford to stagnate these days.  That’s doubly true for consultants.

Those who succeed in this field continuously hone their consulting process, presence and business skills. The more you learn, the more valuable you are to your clients. (And the more valuable you are in the marketplace!)

Now that you’ve got your business off the ground (hopefully grounded in the principles outlined in Going Solo Going Big: Launching Your Consulting Practice), you’re ready to propel your practice to its next level of success.

Our Power Hour courses cover a range of growth strategies that will help you…

  • Smooth out your income fluctuations.
  • Win the attention and business of your ideal clients.
  • Refine your business model.
  • Negotiate the fees you deserve.
  • Polish your all-important consulting presence.
  • Facilitate difficult client interactions.
  • Increase your project capacity, without adding staff.
  • Disrupt your market (and control the yardstick for your fees).
  • Introduce new content to your service offerings.
  • Use smart hiring practices to grow your business.
  • Create and protect intellectual property.
  • Create passive income streams.
  • Build a practice you can eventually sell.

With both on-demand and live options, you’ll find a growing range of topics that will take you to the next rung of your business’ development.

When you register for live Power Hours, veteran consultants will lead you through a streamlined topic and immediately answer your questions. Best of all, when you register for just one Power Hour, you will you will receive an invitation to join our Going Solo Going Big online Success Community. There, you may continue the learning and find the support that solo entrepreneurs consider so valuable.

If you can’t make the live course, view it at your convenience, then join our online Success Community and ask questions there.  Or, find an archived course that peaks your interest.

Our Power Hours embody the same approachable, honest style in which our Going Solo Going Big: Launching Your Consulting Practice course is based.  It has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback: an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

This isn’t your ordinary webinar series.

Each mini-course is a bite-sized, specific offering that will inject new ideas and energy into your business.

With each mini-course, you will bolster the foundation for your business. Topics are suggested by your peers and refined by two consultants with 40 years of combined experience.  These are hard-to-find niches textbooks don’t teach, such as consulting trends, client methodology and a-ha moments.

You will come away understanding what you can do to advance your consulting. Power Hours focus on empowerment, not just information. Each is designed to inject your business with several new ways of dazzling your clients. The goal is to translate those delighted customers into a fan base that writes you glowing testimonials, refers you to colleagues and hires you all over again!

You’ll build the confidence it takes to secure more significant projects and  larger fees. One of the most constant refrains from novice consultants is the struggle to secure confidence. If you feel the same, you are not alone! Confidence is a recurring theme during Power Hours.

You’ll build a network of peers who will help you overcome hurdles and provide ideas and inspiration on an ongoing basis.  By enrolling just one Power Hour, you will gain entry into a generous and growing community of consultants like you. All community members have taken either the Going Solo Going Big: Launching Your Consulting Practice course or a Power Hour. So, like you, they are thirsty for information and motivated to share what they learn.

Most important, you’ll continue your professional growth! It can be so easy to think about client work to the exclusion of your own professional development. Ongoing development is the only way to find life balance, professional satisfaction and regularly satisfied clients.

You’ll learn from veteran consultants who have dedicated themselves to propelling the next generation of their peers.

You’ll learn from skilled facilitators who are consulting experts with over 40 years of combined experience building and leading successful consulting practices. We’ve trained, supervised and collaborated with hundreds of associates and co-consultants.

Picture of Susan SchaeferSusan Schaefer

Since 2001, Susan has enjoyed a thriving solo consulting practice that helps nonprofit organizations scale their programs with the help of private philanthropy. Before founding her practice Resource Partners LLC, Susan worked in resource development for multiple higher education organizations. During that time, she helped secure the historic $1.6 billion grant that created the Gates Millennial Scholars Program.

Susan is the co-editor of The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook, which chronicles the work of 25 leading consultants. She is also the co-author, with Bob Wittig, of Nonprofit Board Service for the GENIUS, a primer for board members.

In addition to maintaining a vibrant consulting practice, she teaches a graduate course at Johns Hopkins University.

Picture of Don TebbeDon Tebbe

Since launching his consulting practice in 1993, Don has been helping leaders and organizations navigate organizational change and leadership succession. His consulting journey has involved three different consulting practices, including a multi-associate firm that he and his business partner grew into a seven-figure national practice. Along the way he has coached dozens of associates, led train-the-trainer events for consulting groups, created a program to help corporate executives bring their business acumen and process expertise to nonprofits, and worked as a soloist and team leader across over 200 consulting projects.

He is the author of several books and has been the architect for a number of organizational capacity-building frameworks on sustainability, leadership succession, executive transition, and planning/change management.

Susan and Don joined forces in 2015 to help inspire other professionals to discover the soul-satisfying sense of contribution, flexible schedules, and financial success possible with starting and leading your own consulting business.